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breaking up totally sucks. wanna dance about it? 

01. milk - f(x) ; 02. thank u very much - bestie ; 03. so sorry - orange caramel ; 04. domino game - kiss&cry ; 05. hair short - wings ; 06. go away - 2ne1 ; 07. the reason i became a witch ; 08. kill bill - brown eyed girls ; 09. hit u (feat. bigtone) - dal shabet ; 10. no. 9 - t ara ; 11. glue - nine muses ; 12. you don’t love me - spica ; 13. healing - yoo sung eun ; 14. goodbye baby - miss a ; 15. the shadow - boa


wendy - fantastic baby

Anonymous: hi do u have any idea where I can get like a complete list of fx red light performances on music shows? thanks!!

sorry I actually don’t, but if you stalk the video tag on fuckyeah-fx they will have all of the lives (along with various other things)

cafeeeli replied to your post: just watched red velvet’s teaser, and …

The tropical one? totally had the wtf face after watching it… I’m scared it’s gonna go zoboomafoo

it just came off kind of tacky and awkward to me, a little bit kyary pamyu pamyu/katy perry with the scenery but not enough of that same quirkiness expressed with any of the girls… but I guess I should wait for the mv before judging

function love


RED VELVET; irene and seulgi

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