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roller girlI’m a roller girl, only circling around you ♡

01. Glue — Nine Muses ; 02. Stay — TTS ; 03. Mamma Mia — Kara ; 04. Disco Time — Dal Shabet ; 05. Kiss Kiss — Ladies’ Code ; 06. Catellena — Orange Caramel ; 07. No Mercy — Sistar ; 08. Confused — AoA ; 09. Signal — f(x) ; 10. Figaro — Nine Muses 

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[INFO] Star Empire Entertainment to now be run by ZE:A’s Leader, Lee Hoo!

cr. akp

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Media post f(x) Luna on alleged date; SM Entertainment denies as church friend



SM Entertainment has released a statement denying that f(x) Luna is in a relationship, after photos began spreading online.

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So recently, i just reached 700+ followers and I think it’s super incredible that over 700 people like the things that I put out. I’m glad that I’m putting all the things I learned in school into a good use. I’m very grateful to all my followers. Talk to me more pls hahaha. My Tumblr experience wouldn’t be fun without these guys on my dash:

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pick your poison: a mix for the girl groups that have more than one trick up their sleeve.

A; on the sultry side (listen)

B; on the sweet side (listen)

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"That’s disgustingggg" Krytoria level

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